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First, please read The First Fossil Hunters and view the first lecture video before researching and writing your post. Pick ONE of the following questions to answer – your preference. Just be sure to restate the question you are answering at the start of your post.Options:Should the fossil or relic belong to the person who owns the land to sell as they see fit? Should the country or culture where the fossil/relic was found have any rights?Is there a clear difference and distinction between human relics (such as the Egyptian Spinx or King Tut’s tomb) vs. fossil finds (Links to an external site.) (such as a full dinosaur skeleton found in Utah)? How about human remains (such as Kennewick Man) compared to fossil finds such as a dinosaur skeleton? Grading Rubric: – Length: If you follow the 250-350 guidelines, you will get full credit. Partial credit for going over or under the limits. (0-2 points). The list of sources does not count towards your word count.- References: I expect a minimum of one internet source listed at the end of your post. This should be in addition to the First Fossil Hunter material posted in Canvas. If you use a direct quote from this source, use quotations marks and a citation at the end of the sentence (MLA style is fine). When you list your source, include the title and author and URL link.- Depth of Geologic Insight: This is a measure of the time and effort you have put into researching and crafting your post.- Grammar and Flow of Language.