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Discussion: Research Design for One-Way ANOVA Whether in a scholarly or practitioner setting,
good research and data analysis should have the benefit of peer
feedback. For this Discussion, you will perform an article critique on
ANOVA testing. Be sure and remember that the goal is to obtain
constructive feedback to improve the research and its interpretation, so
please view this as an opportunity to learn from one another.To prepare for this Discussion:Review the Learning Resources and the media programs related to ANOVA testing.Search for and select a quantitative article specific to your
discipline and related to ANOVA testing. Help with this task may be
found in the Course guide and assignment help linked in this week’s
Learning Resources. Also, you can use as guide the Research Design
Alignment Table located in this week’s Learning Resources.By Day 3Write a 3- to 5-paragraphs critique of the article. In your critique, include responses to the following:Which is the research design used by the authors?Why did the authors use ANOVA test?Do you think it’s the most appropriate choice? Why or why not?Did the authors display the data?Do the results stand alone? Why or why not?Did the authors report effect size? If yes, is this meaningful?Be sure to support your Main Post and Response
Post with reference to the week’s Learning Resources and other scholarly
evidence in APA Style.