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Discussion 1:”Business Feasibility” Please respond to the following:Pick a product that you thought did not have a feasible business idea but has proven to be successful or somewhat successful. Then, speculate what the entrepreneur and his or her team discussed during a feasibility conversation. Using the same product you used in the above discussion, create a SWOT analysis for this idea using at least one (1) high and one (1) low variable in each of the SWOT categories. Then, evaluate how each of these elements will impact decision making in the business. Discussion 2: “Financing a New Venture” Please respond to the following:Compare and contrast the various forms of business organizations. Decide which structure is best suited for your class project (Assignment 1) and indicate why. From the e-Activity, infer what the trends you researched indicate for the future of entrepreneurs securing financing for their ventures and then infer how entrepreneurs should act. Provide support for your response. Discussion 3: “Measuring Financial Performance” Please respond to the following:Take a position on which of the accounting reports (e.g., balance sheet, statement of cash flows, operating breakeven analysis, etc.) is most important to anyone interested in giving an entrepreneur funding. Support your position. Discuss at what point an entrepreneur should consider calling it quits if the business only breaks even. Consider the factors involved in the decision to support your discussion. Discussion 4:”Evaluating Financial Performance” Please respond to the following:Indicate the ratio(s) that is (are) best for evaluating the risk an entrepreneur is engaged in and indicate how each will direct decisions made in the business. Support your response. Analyze how you can use trend analysis for your business venture from Assignment 1.