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Week 1 Discussion Part 1: Post a ResponseDuring the Reconstruction Era, the Southern states created many laws and policies of their own. These “Black Codes” either tried to minimize federal laws and policies or were in retaliation to them.Suppose you were a former slave during this era, which one of the following restrictions would you find the most offensive?Restrictions or prohibitions on votingRestrictions such as those on job, land purchase, and mobilityInability to serve on juries or accuse a white person in courtThen, in a full paragraph or two:Discuss the immediate and long-term consequences from your chosen restriction.Identify any lessons we can learn today from this restriction and its impact.Identify the source(s) where you read about the restriction.Part 2: Respond to a PeerRead a post by one of your peers and respond, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connections.Reference MaterialWeek 1 Learn materials: Mississippi example of “Black Codes”Chapter 16 (p. 294-5)An Example: Black Codes in Mississippi:
For guidance, view the following video:Click here to watch the video