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Use PowerPoint to produce a 7 minutes long presentation.Please follow the instructions.Instructions are uploaded.power point slides and notes

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Public Speaking Class
Informative Speech
Use PowerPoint to produce a BEAUTIFUL and mostly memorized/well-rehearsed presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation MUST be no less than 7 slides and no more than 8. The
Speech should be 7- 8 minutes long. 1 minute per slide.
Content: A specific topic related to the class, something informative, or something related
to the student’s interests.

Please Include notes in detail for every slide. I am going to read the notes in front of class
for my speech so please make them as detailed as possible in order to get to 7 minutes

I chose (The Discovery of Oil in the Middle East) to be my topic.
Notes should include the following:
Talk about the countries that has the most oil production (like the middle east countries).
Try to mention some of the countries that rely 100 percent on oil like Saudi Arabia and
most Middle east countries. Include a paragraph that talks about why it is important not to
rely on oil and what was it like before oil was discovered in the middle east area. Give
examples of how the western countries are not reliable on Oil. Maybe include a
paragraph about substitutes for oil.

Use only bullet points (NOT many words) in the slides and a few pictures. NO
This is graded on DELIVERY and STRUCTURE, please make the PowerPoint slides
clear, simple and organized

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