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CAN YOU RESPOND TO THIS STUDENT 50-100 WORDSthe management team I would build would involve people that want to grow the business and see it be successful, on top of that each person would have skills in every aspect of business, ie one would be a financial expert, a marketing expert, HR, and so on. further more the team would be able to help each other out and come together to solve problems that are to complex for just one person. no one would be afraid to take someone under their “wing” and show teach them how to do their job. I see it more and more within companies they look at people like they are just a number on a spread sheet, no one takes stock in the knowledge or anything else that each individual might bring to the table. I’ll use my self as an example, prior to starting this degree path I have the knowledge and ability to be a manager or in a management role, however I get over looked because I dont have a degree or “real world” experience to really match what companies are looking for. as of this current moment the only text book I have really opened was the Math text book from the math class I have had to take. none of the concepts or topics in this degree path are new to me, but yet companies dont care unless you have the paper to show you were given the knowledge. my management team wouldnt look at it that way, everyone would get a fair shot and the team wouldnt be afraid to train someone jr to them on their job.