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The Kingdom of GodMark 4Matthew 13Kingdom, Grace, Judgment (Capon, 2002)Book 1, Chapter 8: The WeedsBook 1, Chapter 9: The Mustard Seed and the LeavenBook 1, Chapter 10: The Interpretation of the WeedsStories with Intent (Snodgrass, 2018)Wheat and WeedsThe Mustard SeedThe LeavenIn the mustard seed, wheat and weeds, and leaven parables, we have different but similar depictions as to what the Kingdom of God is like. In four to five paragraphs, describe your understanding of the Kingdom of God in light of these parables and the associated reading.What is the Kingdom of God like? Be sure to reference each parable and engage with each of its details (for example, what is the dichotomy between the wheat and the weeds? Why are the weeds left alone?).Is the idea of a “Kingdom of God” as portrayed in these parables at all a relevant concept for today? If so, how?If not, was it ever, and how was it relevant?Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research.