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Discussion Topic: Teams in Daily LifeA central premise of our textbook is that teams are essential to our everyday lives. Do you agree or disagree? Provide examples from your experiences.Just do response each posted down below only?Posted 1 I agree that teams are essential to most people. Sometimes
there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to
get done. Working as a team helps to complete things in a short period
of time. We learn from an early age that team work is important not
everything will be able to be done by one-person multiple people working
in the same direction can help complete tasks more efficiently. I was a
recruiter for the military for several years convincing individuals to
become a member of a team with something I had to do. One of the things I
like to tell new recruits is nothing is impossible. If someone asks you
to pick up a car by yourself that would be hard to do but what you
can’t do, we can. Although teamwork can be challenging with different
people from different backgrounds different religions and different
cultures. I find it is those things that make the strongest teams. I
know I’ve said it before “if there were only five more of me that would
be the perfect team”. But the more I’ve learned it’s the people from
different backgrounds with different ideas coming together that make the
best teams.Posted 2Human beings are social, and this makes us strive to be a part of teams.
According to our reading this week small groups are a very important
aspect to social formation and therefore being a part of a team or teams
is essential for human beings (Adams & Gaines, 2018). Throughout my
life experiences I have found that being a part of a team helps to
develop creative thinking and to open your mind for other ideas. There
have been many times that I may be thinking of something in one manner
and then once someone else throws out their ideas it opens my mind up to
a totally different aspect of the problem. If we did not work in teams,
we would long for interaction and most likely would not have as much
success in many aspects of our lives. Like I mentioned, being in a team
can open our minds and help us think of new possibilities that we may
not think of on our own. Therefore, teams can help us to develop a
successful outcome.Posted 3 I
do agree with the statement that “teams are essential to our everyday
lives”. Regardless of an individual’s job or lifestyle, it is very
common that teams always present and necessary. A team is defined as a
group of people who work together to accomplish a task. One may think
that teams aren’t important if someone is in business by themselves
right? That may seem accurate however, it is not. Every business has
employees in order to properly run a business. These employees are
considered a team based on the definition. This proves that teams are
everywhere. In my current occupation teams are extremely important and necessary.
As a GNA, my coworkers and I are required to work together in order to
provide the best care possible to our residents. Not working together
not only prolongs the work day for ourselves but it also limits the care
that the residents receive. As in many other jobs it’s easier for
everyone to just work together!