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Stop/Start Reaction Journal
Choose 1) a behavior you want to STOP during this course, or 2) a behavior you want to START
during this course. Either way, choose something challenging. This should be a time of personal
growth, and the assignment should also enhance your awareness of the issues and challenges
involved in changing a behavior.
Anything you journal will be kept in STRICTEST confidence. You do not need to disclose any
information that makes you uncomfortable. During this class, as you journal, the aim is to see
some personal growth and reflection in your journal entries. It is expected that you will write
much more than a line or two, so avoid superficial entries. The point of this journal is to track
your experience in either stopping an unhealthy behavior, OR starting a healthy behavior. For
example, you may choose to stop smoking, or to start exercising. So, gear up for the stop/start
experiment, journal your thoughts, responses and experiences. Stretch yourself, grow, and go for
the challenge!
As you journal your responses, struggles and victories, consider the following:
1) What led to your choice to start/stop a behavior?
2) How might your journey to start/stop have some similarities to a client struggling to attain
3) What are some of your struggles? What made it difficult?
4) What are some of your victories?
5) What behaviors/emotions/thoughts accompanied this journey?
6) In your final entry: Discuss the insights gained from writing this journal, as they apply
to your role as a future counselor (2 or more citations/references needed for this
This does not require strict APA format, but I am expecting clear writing. No research support is
needed for your personal thoughts/observations, but please include 2 or more references when
writing about how you might apply journaling with a client. Again, this is a journal, so I am
not expecting a research paper.
Stop/Start Journal Rubric
 At least 15 Substantive and Reflective Journal Entries—Beyond 2-3 sentences and
demonstrated depth and reasonable reflection/disclosure (each worth 4 points totaling 60
points for full credit).
 Discussed thoughts, feelings, awareness from the perspective of a counselor
 Associated struggles and learning with starting/stopping an activity.
 Discussed insights gained from the experience and applied to your future role as a
counselor (research support needed for this part). A behavior to START will be Exercise.