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Watch Singin’ in the Rain. It is available at the Swank video database. THERE ARE THREE MAIN TYPES OF MUSICALS.The REVUE is a movie that’s mostly songs and dances and no story.The NON-INTEGRATED MUSICAL is one where there is a story – and there are songs – but the songs don’t usually further the story.The INTEGRATED MUSICAL means the songs are part of the plot.Often, musicals can be more than one of these three, but they usually are more of one than the other two. Watch the movie and answer the following questions, or do the following items. When you watch, keep track of the time stamp, which is when something in the movie happened.1. This film is widely considered an integrated musical, but it’s not entirely. Provide two examples of songs that are not integrated. But also provide two songs that are integrated. Just put time stamp when the song starts and the title – or at least what you think the title is.2. The film shows problems with trying to put sound into film. Provide three examples and time stamp when they begin and what they are.3. Provide three examples of three shots during the movie you like the most and why? Time stamp them.4. Compare this to a film you like or have seen – provide a few similarities or differences.Discussion1. Do you think this film would be popular with today’s audiences? Why or why not? How could it be more popular with today’s audiences? What was the main reason – or what were the main reasons – you liked or didn’t like the film?