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Choose two different kinds of magazines on various topics (sports, news, women’s, men’s, trade, hobby). Answer the following questions from 2 advertisements that you found in the magazines.   One advertisement must be about a male and the other a female.
1. Write the name, the author, and the date of the magazine. 
2. Identify if the advertisement is about a Male or Female
3. Write the questions followed by your answer. 
• Is the major character in the ad female, male, or are both included? What are the actions of each gender?
• What product is the ad selling?  
• Is this ad targeted to families or individuals? Explain   
• What activity is illustrated in the ad?  
• How does this ad relationship to our cultural traditions? Explain 
• Are the individuals portrayed in the ad given an active or passive role? (By active, I mean are they “actively” engaged in an activity of importance, by “passive” I mean is their presence in the ad irrelevant or insignificant to the purpose of the message being given.)  
• What is the message of the ad?  
• What type of gender activity is involved in this advertisement?  
• List the different occupations portrayed for females and males. Are they stereotyped? 
Due Date: 
The paper must be at least 2 pages and no more than 5 pages. Use double spacing, the 12 point font, and Times Roman.