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here is a file that is my HW, requirements and queations are there,please follow that and finish them, just remind you , you need to give me two different firle.

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ECO520 Homework 2
Online Retail Sales Data
Let’s revisit the online sales data. Here is the code to load data and some additional variables we
created. Use the following code to start your work.
Variable Information:
• InvoiceNo: Invoice number. Nominal, a 6-digit integral number uniquely assigned to each
transaction. If this code starts with letter ‘c’, it indicates a cancellation.
• StockCode: Product (item) code. Nominal, a 5-digit integral number uniquely assigned to each
distinct product.
• Description: Product (item) name. Nominal.
• Quantity: The quantities of each product (item) per transaction. Numeric.
• InvoiceDate: Invice Date and time. Numeric, the day and time when each transaction was
• UnitPrice: Unit price. Numeric, Product price per unit in sterling.
• CustomerID: Customer number. Nominal, a 5-digit integral number uniquely assigned to each
• Country: Country name. Nominal, the name of the country where each customer resides.
filename webdat url
“” ;
/* Import Helathcalim data*/
PROC IMPORT OUT= online_retail
DATAFILE= webdat
proc contents ; run ;
data sales1 ; set online_retail ;
date = datepart(Invoicedate) ;
yearmm = year(date)*100+month(date) ;
totalsale = UnitPrice*Quantity ;
logtotal = log(totalsale) ;
month = month(date) ;
quarter = qtr(date) ;
itemID = 1*substr(StockCode,1,4) ;
if itemID = . then delete ;
l_date = ’31DEC2011’D ;
format date l_date mmddyy10.
run ;
proc means ; run ;
proc freq data=sales1 order=freq ; tables itemID*month ; run ;
1. What are the sales patterns in terms of various perspectives such as products/items,
regions and time (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and seasonally), and so on?
2. Who are the most/least valuable customers to the business? What are the distinct
characteristics of them?
3. Who are the most/least loyal customers, and how are they characterized?
4. Which types of customers are more likely to respond to a certain promotion mailing?
5. Using the univariate command in SAS, find the outliers of customers and item IDs.

All questions need to be type with appropriate graphs and tables from SAS in a PDF file.
Submit your SAS code as a separate txt file.

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