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You will be working throughout the term towards developing a final project which explores chemistry applications in healthcare. This assignment will allow to identify a topic for your final project. For the Final Project, you will be creating a slide presentation, a website, or an educational article. For more specifics on the Final Project Requirements, please download and review the Project Information Requirements. For this Project Topic Assignment:Choose one of the following topics to address in your final project: In an approximately 250-word essay:Matter and Energy in Malnutrition: Developing a Plan to Address DeficienciesNuclear Radiation in Medical Imaging: From Old to New TechnologiesTreating Breast Cancer: Current Therapies and Options on the HorizonThe Role of Dopamine in Parkinson’s Disease or SchizophreniaUsing Blood Chemistry to Diagnose DiseaseInflammation and the Role of EicosanoidsACE Inhibitors as a Treatment for HypertensionIf you would like to choose a topic that is not on this list, it must be approved by your instructor. Identify your project topic from the list above. (1 pt)Identify your specific area of focus within the topic. Be mindful–if the general topic is broad, narrow down the general topic to a specific area of interest to you or one that you feel needs to be discussed.(2 pts)Identify your target audience; choose an audience you think is most in need of this information, or an audience that you are specifically drawn to. (For example: specific patient population, the dietary staff in a nursing home, high school teens exploring career opportunities, newly-hired employees in the rehab department, etc.).Choose an audience for whom you believe this information will be valuable, rather than an audience that is already familiar with it. (1 pts)Discuss your rationale for selecting this specific topic and audience; identify the educational need that exists. (5 pts) Writing guidelines: (3 points) Paragraphs should be in your own words using complete sentences. Paper should be in Arial or Times New Roman font, 12-point, and double-spaced. Proofread for correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Save your file as a Word document (.docx). Include the term Topic and your Last Name when saving your file. Example: Topic_Smith.docx Upload your completed document using the Browse button, and then click the Submit button. Points Possible: 12 Assignment Name