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You will be creating a work breakout structure, for a kitchen renovation project. It must be on Ms excel sheet. I will attach an example to follow bellow.

WBS Number Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

1 Isley’s Recording Studio

1.1 General Administration

1.1.1 Permits Obtain Business License Obtain Building Permits

1.1.2 Building Architecture Interview Architectual Firms Hire Architectual Firm Receive draft design Review draft design Review final design Building design is complete

1.1.3 General Contractor Submit RFP for Bidding Receive Final Proposals Score Proposals Hire the GC Firm GC Confirms and hires sub-contractors

1.2 Equipment

1.2.1 Audio Board with S/W Research Audio Boards Test Audio Board Decide and purchase Audio Board

1.2.2 Mic’s and Mic stands Research Mic’s and stands Test Mic’s Decide and purchase Mic’s and mike stands

1.2.3 Recording devices Research Recording Devices Test Recording Devices Decide and purchase recording devices

1.2.4 Funiture Purchase cabinetry for audio board and recording devices Purchase Chairs and Couches

1.3 Construction

1.3.1 Electrical Run all electrical wiring Install light switches, wall sockets Test all outlets Inspect to confirm electrical meets code Electrical approved

1.3.2 Plumbing Run all water piping Install Showers, Sinks, Toilets. Test for leaks Inspect to confirm plumbing meets code Plumbing approved

1.3.3 Dry Walling Install Dry Wall Sand and apply second application of dry wall compound Sand and wash walls Conduct final inspection of dry wall installation Dry Walling Approved

1.3.4 Flooring Prepare floors for installation Install flooring Conduct final inspection of flooring installation Flooring approved

1.3.5 Painting Prepare walls and base boards for painting Apply primer paint Apply 2 coats of eggshell latex paint Conduct final inspection of painting Painting approved

1.4 Funiture and Equipment Installation

1.4.1 Funiture Install all cabinetry in both studios Run wiring to both studios Apply sound proofing to recording chambers

1.4.2 Audio boards, recording devices and mic’s Install and connect all audio equipment Test all funtionality Conduct final inspection of the studio Studio is ready for operation

1.5 Project Closeout

1.5.1 Confirm GC has paid all subcontractors

1.5.2 Confirm all necessary paperwork is filed with the city and state

1.5.3 Conduct lessons learned sessions with the team

1.5.4 Throw a party like it’s 1999!!!


For this assignment, you will create a Work Breakout Structure (WBS) for your project using Microsoft Excel. As an industry best practice, many project managers will build their WBS using MS Excel to provide a more simplistic view and analysis of the project’s work categories and the “Work Packages.” Once the WBS is approved, the project manager will import the data into the preferred corporate PM Tool. Examples of industry-leading tools include MS Project, Primavera, Clarity, TeamGantt,, etc. you are ONLY required to submit your WBS in MS Excel.