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Student______________________________ Faculty _____________________ Total Points_________ The following criteria will be used to evaluate the paper: The student: __ / 5 pts: introduced the topic and purpose of the paper in a clear, complete and logical manner; in < ½ page __/10 pts: selected case study/ethical issue that is significant and relevant to patient care and/or nursing practice. __/10 pts: used current, evidence-based literature (a minimum of 6 references from relevant, peer reviewed journals and/or text books – at least 5 from sources outside course text) __/15 pts: summarized data in a clear, logical and organized manner __/20 pts: delineated relevant health care issues that impact the ethical issue within the context of current professional/political and /or financial situation __/20 pts: implementation of a method of ethical analysis used, possible solution/outcome alternatives, and resolution / plan of care (what action or alternative did you choose and why). May include your opinion on the topic, however, balanced arguments are required. __/10 pts: conclusion clearly summarized relevant points of paper; provided adequate closure to topic __/ 5 pts: submitted a 8-10 page typed paper (not including title page or reference pages) that is neat with no major spelling errors (1 inch margins; double spaced). No abstract is needed. __/ 5 pts: strictly adhered to APA guidelines, including a complete reference list with < 2 minor errors evident (e.g., incorrect punctuation in citation) General grading details: Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure are expected. Multiple errors will SUBSTANTIALLY affect your grad on the paper. Only submissions reflecting graduate level work will receive a grade of B or above. University policy on academic honesty will be followed when grading all assignments for this course. It is each students responsibility to review this policy located on the website