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1000 words essay with reflection pleaseplease include citations.PLEASE CHECK THE DOCUMENT BELOW YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING BELOW.

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ELU0033 Academic Study Skills
Contemporary Global Issues 2: Global English Essay
Write an essay for the assignment title below.
Outline the main reasons why English has become a global language, and discuss the extent to
which this has led to the extinction of minority languages. Use examples to illustrate your
Word Length:
1,000 words (10% +/-)
You should use materials that you have looked at in class with your tutor as well as at least 1
source that you have found from your own research and included in your annotated
bibliography (the source you research should be used in the main body of your essay, not just
used for a definition in your introduction).
There is no specified word limit for the reflection task. On completion of your essay, you should
write a reflection on how difficult/easy you found it, which skills you feel were tested, and what
you think you need to work on to make this type of task easier in future. You should submit this
within 24 hours of submitting the essay via the turnitin tool in the Assessment area of the VLE.
This essay with reflection is not part of your mark for this module, but provides valuable
practice to prepare you for the assessed essay done in Semester 2
Please refer to the assessment criteria on Minerva.
Please submit an electronic copy of your global English essay via the Turnitin tool in the
Assessment area of the VLE by 12pm on Thursday 16th January 2020.
You should submit your reflection on the essay task via the turnitin tool in the Assessment area
of the VLE by 12pm on Friday 17th January 2020.
For this assignment, the following has only been included for your information, but will
be part of the procedure for all future assessments:
Information relevant to all coursework submissions in the School of Languages, Cultures
and Societies (LCS)
Late Penalties
University rules on penalties for late submission of coursework require 5 full marks (on the 0100 scale) to be deducted for every period of 24 hours or part thereof (including weekends) that
passes after the date of required submission. This means that work handed in within 24 hours
of the deadline is deducted 5 marks; work submitted between 24 and 48 hours late is deducted
10 marks, and so on.
Extension Requests
If extenuating circumstances prevent you from submitting coursework by the deadline you must
apply for an extension. Deadline extensions for your assessments are normally only given in
advance and in cases of genuine medical or similarly serious reasons.
An Essay/Coursework Extension form is available in the ‘Assessments’ area of the Minerva
Languages, Cultures and Societies Organisation or from the Language Centre Student Support
Office on the third Floor of the Parkinson Building. The form should be submitted to the
Language Centre Student Support Office, 15 Blenheim Terrace or via email to Extension requests will be acknowledged via email then forwarded to the
appropriate person in your subject. The Language Centre Student Support Office will inform you
of the outcome via email.
Discussing your circumstances with a personal tutor or module leader DOES NOT constitute an
application for an extension and individual module tutors do NOT have authority to grant
Declaration of Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
Whether submitting in hard copy or electronically via Minerva, you must complete a declaration
of academic integrity. By signing the declaration of academic integrity, you confirm that the
work being submitted is entirely your own. Presenting someone else’s work as your own is
viewed by the University plagiarism and is taken very seriously. The penalties imposed can
vary from receiving a mark of zero (on the 0 -100 scale) for a piece of work to exclusion from the
For more information, see the University’s Guide to Plagiarism:
The University’s procedures for dealing with cases of suspected plagiarism are clearly detailed

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