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option #2: Observational Research for Leadership Specific to Gender and Ethnic Diversity
The evolution of leadership theory brought attention to early study findings that identified leader traits that were based on a narrow segment of the population. As diversity in leadership gained consideration, the subject was often added to the foundation of earlier studies. 
Leaders in all settings have an obligation to recognize their own biases and observe individuals and cultural dynamics as objectively as possible. Take the opportunity in this Critical Thinking Assignment to practice objectivity in research.
· This Critical Thinking Assignment culminates in the form of a management report based on data from your own observational research within your work environment or community organization. The problem that you are investigating is the low percentage of women in formal leadership positions in the organization. Gather scholarly articles on two leadership theories associated with diversity, especially gender diversity, to serve as a backdrop for your investigation.
· To prepare for the observational research, work to set aside any preconceived notions of what might be discovered. Also, look beyond the human actors to note the role of non-human elements of the setting. Select a group or team within the organization to observe and answer the following:
a. Who is sitting at the leadership table? Who is absent?
b. Whose voices are heard? Whose aren’t, and why?
c. Whose values and interests are represented?
d. Is there leadership that goes unnoticed?

NOTE: if you are unable to physically access a location for observational research or to conduct such observations in general, you may complete this assignment by doing one of the following:
· Enlist the support of another person who can help you interpret the group.
· Write a paper about the best practices to employ, using a group scenario that you construct and describe. Address all the questions and requirements in the regular assignment.
· Ask a group if you may observe them using SKYPE or FaceTime, for example. Reach out to your instructor for more assistance if needed.
· After the observations are completed, prepare the data for analysis. You might define categories or identify themes based on what was recorded. Then analyze the data according to relevant diversity leadership theories that you gathered, from this week’s required readings, and from the lecture. 
· Prepare a management report for a hypothetical audience of managers having a stake in the stated problem.

Requirements for the Management Report

Include five sections. The report sections include:
· The Introduction of your investigation, including a statement about why the research is important. (Remember your audience!)
· A description of how you collected the observational data, prepared data, and analyzed for results. Explain why these methods are appropriate and support with scholarly sources.
· A literature review of two associated theories.
· A discussion of the results and how managers might use the findings to address the stated problem.
· A summary of the investigative process and a closing statement of what you, the researcher, learned from the study.
· Add appendices to include raw data, data preparation worksheets, or analytic tools. 
· Include associated citations and reference pages.

Additional Requirements:

· Your paper should be 4 pages in length and conform to APA guidelines in the 
CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.)
· Include at 2-5 scholarly references in addition to the course textbook. The 
CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.)
 is a good place to find these references.