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MANAGE THEORY Class:Ch01 Critical Thinking Exercise Pervin, A. (Summer, 1997). A Conversation with Henry Mintzberg. Family Business Review, 10 (2): 185-198. (Links to an external site.)This reading relates to Learning Objective 1-2.Answer the following questions:Identify family entrepreneur’s response to planning and setting strategy and Mintzberg’s response.Explain some of the constraints discussed in the article based upon family traditions.What does the author mean by confusing success with actual skill?Word count: Has to be 250 APA CONT ISSUES/LEADER Class:Ch01 – Critical Thinking ExerciseRead the following article and then answer the questions below. Followership: The theoretical foundation of a contemporary construct.
(2007). Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies 14(1), 50-60. (Links to an external site.)Why do you think that followership research is a more recent area of study compared to leadership?In the section of the article titled “Idealized Leader Overshadows
Followers” is the leader described in this section doing management
functions or leadership functions?Describe an active follower. What do they
do, how do they interact with leaders and what does the leader do to
facilitate active followership?Word count has to be 250. APAAlso Please list the name for each class seperate for each discussion.