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Company: NetEase
MDP: should NetEase putting more emphasis on proxy products and products success rates, while exploring the possibility of expanding its overseas markets to retain or increase its market share as the competition in Chinese market is becoming fiercer
MRP: to determine the effectiveness of NetEase’s current practice through analyzing the market performance and reception of its products, and summarize NetEase’s performance in overseas markets.

Based on MDP and MRP Using data gathered by you related to your market research project describes the process of data preparation for analysis. Specify a verbal or graphical model, if you are using one, as well as any quantitative and qualitative (or any other method) being used (4pages)
Use at least one statistical analysis technique that is appropriate for your research, based on your choice of MDP and MRP., and demonstrate how the Excel (or any other tool analytical tool adopted by you output indicates whether or not statistically significant findings are present. Demonstrate with an example by using data you have collected for your research. (4pages)