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Assignment:Project Concert: Please document your hours for this module in Project Concert. Access Project Concert. You should have an estimated 10-15 hours for this module.Put your project to work! Create materials for your presentation. These can include your speaker notes, PowerPoint for the presentation, or poster board. Hold the event at the designated and approved location. Take photos of yourself or record a short video of the location (this may be a table you have set up, a booth location or a meeting room). This will be the evidence that the event took place.Submit your presentation materials. RUBRIC40 pointsIn-depth coverage of topic and assignment components; outstanding clarity of information; detailed slide notes ensure all required content is well explained (if required)20 pointsExcellent use of transitions and effects that enhance the presentation. Presentation is organized and designed for maximum impact of content.30 pointsRequired multimedia, graphics, diagrams, and/or illustrations add clarity and sophistication to the presentation content; they improve the effectiveness of the presentation.10 pointsStyle shows originality and creativity. Word choice is dynamic and varied. Free of mechanical and typographical errors. Reference slide and other in-text citations are formatted correctly using APA elements. ASSIGNMENT PAPER IS TO RELATE TO THE SPECIFIC TEACHING PROJECT. NOT A GENERAL ONE. PLEASE FOLLOW THE RUBRIC INSTRUCTION