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At the back of the textbook, there are case studies. Choose either the Tom’s Shoes or Herbalife case. Read the case study.
Write a paper that briefly summarizes the issues in the case and then answers the questions at the end of that chapter. 
a. Tom’s Shoes (Case 10):Page 478 – Page 484
Questions for Discussion :
1. Why was it necessary for TOMS to evolve their business model? 
2. Who are TOMS most important stakeholders, and why? 
3. Is the One for One movement business model appropriate for any other businesses?
b. Herbalife (Case 15): Page 520 – Page 528
Questions for Discussion 
1. Describe the differences between a legitimate direct selling business model and a pyramid scheme.
2. Evaluate how Herbalife managed their regulation and public relations risks. 
3. Why has Herbalife continued to be successful after the attack by Ackman and an FTC investigation?