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lesson 4 Hotel and Lodging. Multiple Question. I need to score all the answers right so please make sure all the questions are answered right Attached are the notes plus the multiple questions Thank you


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Assiginment 4
1. Which hotel reference offers fun, frank and subjective descriptions of several hundred
hotels and cruise ships?
A. Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search
B. Star Service Online
D. Global Distribution System
2. Which hotel reference has booking capability that allows commissions to be paid?
A. Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search
B. Star Service Online
D. Global Distribution System
3. Which hotel reference has staff that will assist with group bookings?
A. Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search
B. Star Service Online
D. Global Distribution System
4. Which hotel reference relies on travelers to provide reviews and rank its hotels,
attractions and restaurants?
A. Fodors
B. Frommers
C. TripAdvisor
D. Small Luxury Hotels of the World
5. Which hotel reference is for clients seeking excellence, distinction and uniqueness in
A. Fodors
B. Frommers
C. TripAdvisor
D. Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Refer to this excerpt from Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search to answer questions 6-7.
6. Does this property offer a commission?
A. Yes
B. No
7. Does this property have its own website?
A. Yes
B. No
Refer to this excerpt from Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search to answer questions 8.
8. What time is check in?
A. 4:00 p.m.
B. 12:00 p.m.
C. 2:00 p.m.
D. 6:00 p.m.
9. In the distribution system for hotels, which entity focuses on group bookings?
A. Airline Reservation Center
B. Hotel Reservation Center
C. Travel Agency
D. Tour Operator
10. In the distribution system for hotels, which entity specializes in booking
accommodations for a given property or chain of properties?
A. Airline Reservation Center
B. Hotel Reservation Center
C. Travel Agency
D. Tour Operator
Most travel professionals use Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) to book rooms for
business travelers. However, in the research process of selecting a hotel or resort for
the leisure traveler, you may very well be using one of the additional references
available for hotel reservations.
Technology and electronic communications make the hotel product more accessible to
the public with direct booking apps on mobile phones or via the Internet. Professional
knowledge and recommendations are still sought by many independent leisure travelers
who want a safe, clean room without spending hours researching. To keep yourself
informed, become familiar with the hotel references your company or consortium
recommends as well as hotel information available through industry e-newsletters and
through your favorite search engine or other source.
After this lesson you should be able to . . .

List and differentiate between hotel references
Read and interpret selected hotel references
Name the various ways to book a hotel room
Explain the hotel industry distribution system

You will often use the Internet to find a wealth of information on hotels and
accommodations, but you cannot always verify the truth of what you read. There are
several legitimate and helpful websites available, but for now you will want to become
familiar with at least these online references. Each guide or reference provides basic
hotel information but each has its own type of presentation.
Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search powered by HTI
STAR Service
that some agencies, consortiums or travel groups have preferred hotel suppliers or hotel groups
they work with? On-the-job, you will want to follow protocol of your agency, consortium or host
agency when booking hotels, not only to ensure commission payments but to ensure your clients get
the best rate possible along with good customer service.
3 is a leading provider of hotel accommodations worldwide. It offers
reservation services through a network of localized websites as well as telephone call
centers. has a wide selection of accommodations on the Internet, both
independent and major chains, claiming over 145,000 properties globally. The website
offers hotel pricing, amenities and availability. It also helps travelers find
accommodations during sold-out periods. It is free to use and you can register on the
site to track reservations but they do not offer commissions to agents. It can be
accessed online at Once there, you can select the country you are in
(if it is not currently the default).
Hotels can be searched by destination, hotel name or landmark. Advanced search
options allow users to narrow results by rate, ratings (both guest and hotel
classification), distance from landmarks, accommodation type and amenities. offers a Price Match guarantee for all bookings.
There are special deals available through and their staff will assist with
group bookings as well.
Access and browse the website; It will be displayed in a
new browser window. When you are done, viewing the website, close that
window and return to the classroom to continue to the next page.
Travel Weekly’s Hotel Search powered by HTI
This reference is designed for use by multiple travel professionals. It is free to use and
comes from a trusted source – Northstar Travel Media. It is accessed online at The Hotel Travel Index (HTI) offers access to more than
100,000 hotels which can be searched by property or by destination. An advanced
search option allows you to search by exact location or proximity to a location, by hotel
chain or classification or by amenities offered. The site also offers links to hotel websites
and includes their toll-free and local phone numbers, addresses and other contact
information. In addition, it lists the commission rate paid for booking the property.
This resource offers maps and comparison capability. There are also links to additional
destination information and suppliers to the area.
Access and browse the Travel Weekly’ s Hotel Search website in the screen below.
When you are done, scroll to the top of this page and click the forward arrow at the top
of this page to continue with the lesson.
Star Service Online
The STAR Service was published by ABC International, bought out by Northstar Media
and in the year 2000 became Star Service Online ( For a
monthly subscription, you can access the information on the website which includes
reviews of over 10,000 properties. Property listings include multiple pictures along with
frank reviews. Users can also access maps, “best of” lists and the “Superstar” listing of
the world’s outstanding properties.
This reference resource is fun, frank and opinionated. The subjective opinions are
liberally interspersed with detailed information and descriptions. Not all hotels and ships
are described. It is very easy to read as it does not use many codes.
Access and browse the Star Service Online website by clicking on the link above. When
you are done return to the classroom to continue with the lesson.
Additional References
The Internet has opened up a wealth of resources and information at your fingertips – for
both the travel professional and the traveler. Reservations can be made on the hotel’s
website, via an online agency or through a variety of other options. One thing to keep in
mind is which resource will pay a commission on the booking. Most hotel websites and
some online resources will pay commission with a valid travel industry identification
number, such as an ARC or IATA number, verifying you are a legitimate seller of travel.
Other resources do not pay commission and therefore, are best used as informational,
not for making reservations. Verify before making a reservation so that you will be
compensated appropriately.
Additional References
Additional references used include:
Small Luxury Hotels of the World ( This
resource is for clients seeking excellence, distinction and
 uniqueness in an intimate setting. Offers a listing of over 500
small, independent hotels which meet a high standard. Club
members are eligible for upgrades and benefits.
Frommers ( – Since the 1957 publication
of Arthur Frommer’s Europe on $5 a Day, Frommer’s has
been a trusted name in travel. The website includes hotel

listings and travel guides along with tips, deals and
suggested trips. The message forums allow you to ask or
answer questions about destinations and properties to assist
you in finding the perfect hotel for your client.
TripAdvisor ( – Touting itself as the
world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor relies on the advice of
millions of travelers to rank its hotel, attractions and

restaurants. Offering hotel choices throughout the world,
TripAdvisor seamlessly links to booking tools which check
hundreds of websites to find the best hotel prices.
Fodors ( Celebrating more than 80 years in
the travel industry, Fodors provides insights and tools to plan
the perfect vacation. Information on destinations, hotels,

itineraries, experiences, activities and restaurants are all
found compiled in one website along with travel tips and
helpful advice.
Hotels in GDSs
Hotel information in the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) is similar to that in online
references, including the added features of availability and the capability to book the
reservation. An added benefit is that GDSs provide information to make reservations on
a variety of travel products so that lodging can be reserved along with air transportation
and a rental car. Unlike the Internet, however, hotels pay a fee for being represented in
the GDS and generally will pay full commissions on GDS bookings. Check with the
property. Study the sample GDS displays that follow. Availability displays show basic
information with general rates. Additional displays are available for fare detail and
property descriptions.
In addition to GDS displays and the online resources mentioned previously, a hotel may
have its own web site or a chain may have a site representing the entire chain. You can
find hotels through online reservation services and also through virtual travel agencies.
For up-to-the-minute information, the Internet is the best source. Commission structures
vary with Internet bookings. Be sure to check prior to making reservations.
GDS Hotel Availability Display
Hotels in Buffalo, New York
Hotel Property Number and Name
Hotel location code and city
DIS/DIR/TRAN Distance and direction hotel is located
from reference points. Transportation
from reference point to hotel.
Hotel courtesy car
Other (Taxi, Car Rental, etc.)
Public transportation
An additional display can be retrieved for complete rate
information and hotel description.
See the display below for the Sheraton. The hotel on line 6
of the display above.
Rate Quote = A general rate for the hotel. Note the specific
rate codes that follow.
Hotels in GDSs ~ continued
GDS Hotel Fare Detail Display
In this display a rate is shown for the Room Type and Rate Types as shown in the
availability display for the specific hotel—in this case the Sheraton Inn Buffalo Airport.
A1KRAC Deluxe room with 1 king bed – Rack rate
B1KRAC Superior room with 1 king bed – Rack rate
A1KCOR Deluxe room with 1 king bed – Corporate rate
B1KCOR Superior room with 1 king bed – Corporate rate
C2DCOR Standard room with 2 double beds – Corporate rate
ROHWKD Run of House – Weekend rate
RA 25.00 Rollaway for adults
RC 15.00 Rollaway for child
CR 0.00
Crib charge
EX 10.00 Extra person charge
Hotels in GDSs ~ continued
GDS Property Description Display
Distribution Systems
Booking a room can be accomplished in a number of ways. The lodging industry
distribution system is fairly direct. Accommodations are marketed directly to the public
as well as to travel retailers and wholesalers. Sales and service personnel (Sales Reps)
from the hotels, the corporate entity (Hilton International, Best Western, etc.) as well as
individual properties, call on travel agencies and wholesalers (such as tour operators) to
promote, market and sell their product.
Automation and Electronic Media
Airline Reservation Center
Hotel Reservation Service
Retail Travel Agencies
Tour Operators
Automation and Electronic Media
The automation of lodging reservations includes the computer systems owned and operated by
the major lodging corporations, as well as the airlines’ Global Distribution Systems (GDS). A
traveler or travel professional like yourself can make accommodations reservations using the
airline GDSs, a Hotel Reservation Service, through the Internet or by calling the specific
property direct. Further, those in the travel industry work with wholesalers and retailers including
travel agents, tour operators and group desks.
Distribution Systems ~ continued
Reservation Centers
Airline Reservation Center Each GDS contains hotel data of the major
chains and larger hotels. When a traveler books
an airline seat through the website or by phone,
they can also ask for help with hotel
reservations. However, the selection of
properties is much more limited in any one GDS
than it might be if the caller went through a travel
Hotel Reservation Service
Hotel representatives, hotel systems and hotel
reservation services are entities that book hotels
for a given property or chain of properties. They
may offer reservation systems using websites,
toll-free numbers, extended hours and tie-ins
with airline GDSs. You as the travel professional
(and sometimes the traveler) have access to a
special online booking area for travel
professionals for major hotel chains. You may
also call the direct or local number of individual
properties and book directly with the property.
These numbers are published in multiple hotel
references as well as in the principal GDSs.
ravel Agencies
Retail travel agencies have the automation (GDSs) for booking accommodations, as
well as personnel trained in the use of online resources and in the selection of the
appropriate property for the client for any given trip. Travel agencies may also belong to
a consortium or marketing group that will qualify their clients for special discounts
negotiated by the consortium.
Tour Operators
Group reservations can be booked by individual travel agents or by tour operators
putting together packages that include accommodations. Since they can be quite
profitable, you will find group bookings are eagerly pursued. The number of rooms that
constitutes a group may differ from hotel to hotel. A request for anywhere from three to
ten rooms may constitute a group. A group reservation must be requested well in
advance of the proposed stay. This may mean that only preliminary estimates can be
made for the actual number of rooms, check-in date and check-out date. In such cases,
the hotel may tentatively block the rooms.

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