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4. Strengths Presentation:
a. Think of the following topics: 1 parper
· What did you learn about yourself?
· What are your 5-strengths?
· Talk about each strength individually: Brief definition of the theme.
· Strategies you use to leverage that strength to meet the four basic needs of your followers. (Hint: The four basic needs can be found on p. 22-26 of Rath and Conchie’s Strengths-Based Leadership.)
· How would you lead others who are also strong in that strength?
· Using those strengths as a reference, how will you strengthen your team and the people around you? 
· What is the best way other people can work with you that will bring out the best in both of you (as well as others that may concern you)?
Assignment guidelines:
· Each team member will prepare three PowerPoints minimum (five maximum):
· 1 PowerPoint on your Personal Strength
· 1 PowerPoint on how you will improve your strength
· 1 PowerPoint explaining how you will work with each of your teammates.
· You have three minutes for your presentation.
Due date: 
· Please upload your team PowerPoint in “Assignment 4 – Strengths Based Leadership (PowerPoint)” Dropbox on or before the due date in Moodle. Marks will be deducted for all late assignments.



Strengths and weaknesses

Trinity Western University
LDRS 303 I6 Contemporary Leadership Approaches
Instructor: Stephen Liang,
Ada Yu Xing #621073


Based on the first video Matt Marcus Buckingham is an aggressive businessman who has makes various progress in his life. Matt has realized that most of his success has been achieved by identifying, enhancing his strength, and managing his weaknesses to enhance productivity in his personal and business life. My main Matt’s strength is communicating and providing speech to major companies such as Cisco and Johnson and Johnson. Matt establishes two books that list his strength revolutions to encourage others to work hard and ensure people are aggressive in enhancing their strengths and managing and monitoring their weaknesses to remain reproductive in life. The books are applicable in business life as well as the student’s life.


Although I am still a student currently, I possess personal characteristics that are my weaknesses and weaknesses. Based on my analysis, I can apply my strengths in leadership and address my weakness to enhance my leadership and ensure career progression. My first strength is effective communication with the people we work to together. For instance, in the university am a captain of football and also a group leader in various courses through group work and discussion. I have always been able to communicate effectively on the expectations of the lecture and the courses. As a captain, I have been aggressive in communicating the intention of the couch o the entire team. I can use the strength in the leadership in guiding team leaders during project implantation.
My second strength is inclusion; based on my life as a student, I ensure I incorporate each stakeholder in the decision-making when given the responsibility. For instance, to win a football match, all players must be incorporated when making decision-making. I can apply the strength in the leadership by incorporating the junior most employees in the decision-making. When employees are incorporated into a project, they provide their full support to ensure its success. The third strength is the ability to record information accurately concerning an activity. I will apply the skills by ensuring the customers’ data are accurately store and retrieve information about customers to prevent penalties from data safety organizations.
For instance, when patients’ data are lost, an organization can suffer a penalty from HIPPA (Moore, Snyder, Miller & Qui An, 2007). The third strength is the positive attitude towards completing projects; for instance, I can apply the strength by creating an effective project charter and project scope during a team project in the school. The last strength is the ability to provide solutions during difficult situations; I will apply the strength be ensuring effective mitigation processes in case of data breach by the black hat hackers.


Becoming stressed up and angered when I fail to meet my objectives and goals are my main weakness. During the execution of sensitive and serious activities, I prefer working alone with no disturbance to deliver the most quality services possible. I can address this weakness by ensuring all the projects in the organizations are divided and assigned to several individuals that must work together and deliver their report. As a business leader, I will have to be involved in one group to become a real model. The method will enable me to work will other people. Although, am good at storing and analyzing information and organized and systematic, I weak in presenting the same data to the key stakeholders. In my leadership position, I will address the challenges through workshops and seminars to learn from other leaders who are good at a public speech to learn from them.
Moore, I. N., Snyder, S. L., Miller, C., & Qui An, A. (2007). Confidentiality and Privacy in Health Care from the Patient’s Perspective: Does HIPPA Help. Health Matrix, 17, 215.