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InstructionsYou have just been appointed as the administrator of a large managed healthcare organization with multiple facilities in your state, including facilities in city X and Y (table below). A task your office is charged with is to reimburse facilities based on how they perform on a set of healthcare quality measures.Based on the information provided below, what considerations will you make in your decision-making process? To complete this assignment, prepare a PowerPoint presentation that highlights whether or not these two facilities (A and B) should be treated equally when conducting your assessment. If any, what are the implications of treating these facilities as equals for the purpose of comparison? Also, address the techniques you will use to ensure these facilities are assessed fairly.MeasuresFacility AFacility B1Population characteristicsCity X: Mostly people with high economic status and those with more than high school educationCity Y: Mostly people with low economic status, minorities, high school or less education2Population servedAll agesMostly older adults and people with disabilities and chronic conditions3Staff to patient ratio1:41:84Physician and nurses continuing educationRequiredRequired5Average number of hours staff work per week50 hours60 hoursLength: 8-10 slides (excluding title slide and references slide)References: Include a minimum of 3-5 peer-reviewed, scholarly resources referenced on a separate slide at the end of your presentation.Your assignment should reflect scholarly academic writing, current APA standards, and adhere to University’s Academic Integrity Policy.Resources:The Healthcare Quality Book : Vision, Strategy, and ToolsAuthors:Joshi, MaulikRansom, Elizabeth R.Nash, David B.Ransom, Scott B., R. C., & Provost, S. (2003). Best practices: Interpreting measurement data for quality improvement: Standards, means, norms, and benchmarks