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I would just like someone to proofread my speech and make any changes that are felt to be necessary. My speech is spouse to be information so I cant have any type of persuasive in my speech. If you see any type persuading in my informative speech, please take of it. I also left 1 – C blank because I don’t know to write a goodwill. How I can relate it to my audience. My audience is a class of college students.…

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Informative Speech on the Benefits of Cooking As a Stress Reliever
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Informative Speech on the Benefits of Cooking As a Stress Reliever
Topic: Benefits of Cooking as a Stress Reliever
General Purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the benefits of cooking in treating stress,
creating creativity, creating lifelong hobbies.
Central Idea: To inform my audience about the importance of cooking in lowering stress levels
and improving creativity to convince them to also use cooking as a strategy of reducing their
stress levels.
1. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: Most people often associate alleviating stress by indulging in
unhealthy vices, such as taking binge drinking, watching TV for hours, smoking
cigarettes, and stress eating (Rudge, 2017). However, the problem is that even
after engaging in such activities, individuals rarely feel better. In most cases,
some of them often end up feeling worse, thus leading to added stress.
B. Reveal the Topic: Cooking is one of the surest ways and the best way of
alleviating stress.
C. Preview:
1. What is stress
2. Causes of stress
3. Effects of stress on an individual
4. How cooking help to alleviate stress and its effects.
II. Body
A. Definition of stress
Stress refers to the body’s reaction towards any stimulus or change that requires an
adjustment or response. According to (Harmsen et al., 2019), when an individual is
stressed, his/her body will react by exhibiting physical, mental, and emotional responses.
Even though stress is considered a normal part of life, failure of a person to overcome
stress can result in adverse health and social effects.
B. Causes of stress
1. Major life changes
2. Work or school
3. Relationship difficulties
4. Financial problems
5. Negative self-talk and pessimism.
C. Effects of stress on an individual
1. Depression and anxiety
2. Sleep problems
3. Digestive problems
4. Weight problem
5. Skin conditions, such as eczema
6. Heart disease.
D. How cooking reduce stress
1. When a person has a passion for cooking, he/she will concentrate on making food,
and this will prevent him/her from having time for stressful thoughts.
2. The use of spices and aromatic ingredients when cooking has been known to be a
stress reliever. When one is frying onions, the person tends to concentrate on the
aroma, thus acting as a stress reliever (Carter, 2019).
3. Cooking enhances creativity. When cooking, a person will put a lot of thought and
care for what she is cooking. By doing so, the person will focus her mind and
attention on the food being cooked as opposed to other stressful issues (Black, 2009).
4. Cooking for friends and family members makes one feel happy. When barbecuing
and chilling with friends, a person’s mind will be occupied and will feel stress-free.
5. Lastly, when one spends most of his/her time learning about various delicacies and
how to prepare these delicacies; he/she will have less time to think about issues that
make him/her stressful.
E. My plan
Since my childhood, I have always been thrilled to try different cuisines across
the globe.
With my passion for cooking and the benefits associated with it in relieving stress,
I am planning to take some time during the day to cook to reduce my stress level.
A. As opposed to other unhealthy activities, such as binge drinking, smoking, and eating
fast food, cooking is an effective way of reducing stress.
B. Cooking makes one busy, feel appreciated, and happy, thus acting as an effective
stress alleviator.
C. Individuals should, therefore, often take their time off and cook to reduce their stress
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