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you will need to submit those by Wednesday. In each case, namely the
letter to Fulrad and Widukind’s discussion of the battle of Lenzen,
write 300-400 words describing how we can use this text for the writing
of military history. This means that you need to do more than just
describe what the text says, but also analyze it and draw conclusions
about military history from the texts.

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“In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Charles, most serene, august,
crowned by God, great pacific Emperor, and also, by God’s mercy, King of the Franks
and Lombards, to Abbot Fulrad.
Be it known to you that we have decided to hold our general assembly this year in
the eastern part of Saxony, on the river Bode, at the place which is called Stassfurt.
Therefore, we have commanded you to come to the aforesaid place, with all your
men well armed and prepared, on the fifteenth day before the Kalends of July, that
is, seven days before the festival of St. John the Baptist. Come, accordingly, so
equipped with your men to the aforesaid place that thence you may be able to go
well prepared in any direction whither our summons shall direct; that is, with arms
and gear also, and other equipment for war in food and clothing. So that each
horseman shall have a shield, lance, sword, dagger, bow and quivers with arrows;
and in your carts utensils of various kinds, that is, axes, planes, augers, boards,
spades, iron shovels, and other utensils which are necessary in an army. In the carts
also supplies of food for three months, dating from the time of the assembly, arms
and clothing for a half-year. And we command this in general, that you cause it to be
observed that you proceed peacefully to the aforesaid place, through whatever part
of our realm your journey shall take you, that is, that you presume to take nothing
except fodder, wood and water; and let the men of each one of your vassals march
along with the carts and horsemen, and let the leader always be with them until they
reach the aforesaid place, so that the absence of a lord may not give an opportunity
to his men of doing evil.
Send your gifts, which you ought to present to us at our assembly in the middle of
the month of May, to the place where we then shall be; if perchance your journey
shall so shape itself that on your march you are able in person to present these gifts
of yours to us, we greatly desire it. See that you show no negligence in the future if
you desire to have our favor.”

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