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1. Write an essay of at least five pages (not including Cover and References pages) to explain the influence of the humanities from the perspective of the ecocriticism. Incorporate at least three of the topics provided below:
· Cultural Centers of the Americas
· Revolution in America: The Bill of Rights
· The 19th Century Romantic Music
· The 19th Century Return to Nature
· The World at War: The Film
· Contemporary Contour: Toward a Global Culture
Your essay needs to have well-developed paragraphs (at least five sentences per paragraph): an introduction paragraph (hook, background information, and thesis statement), several body paragraphs (topic sentence, supporting details, transition sentence), and a conclusion paragraph (summary of ideas and recommendations). 
Please note that you must write your essay in a Word document and follow APA style (7th Ed.) throughout.  For this assignment, you may not quote, but only paraphrase. 
Note: Please note that MRU does not tolerate plagiarism. Therefore, plagiarism will be monitored with TurnItIn. Students who plagiarize will be reported to the Academic Integrity Committee for disciplinarian actions.

2. Create a Ppt presentation of your essay. Be ready to present.
· Sample:

Presentation Structure
Topic: Impact of Ecocriticism on the Global Culture

1.      Introduction
2.      Ecocriticism Impact on Communication
3.      Ecocriticism Impact on Human Interaction
4.      Ecocriticism Impact on Education
5.      Conclusion

· Choose a topic; identify at least 3 elements that you will develop
· Slide 1: Cover Slide
· Title of the Presentation
· Names of the Presenter
· Class
· University
·  Instructor
· Date
· At least one slide per each segment of the presentation
· min one (1) slide for Introduction
· Min one (1) slide for Body 1
· Min one (1) slide for Body 2
· Min one (1) slide for Body 3
· Min one (1) slide for Conclusion
· Present information as bullet points; no complete sentences should appear on the slide
· Do not overcrowd the slide with information: large images & big letters
· Use clear contrast between the color of the background & the letter color
· Use simple vocabulary that you are comfortable with.