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discussion and reply to a student post the info is below Attached Files: ch.8.jones.70s.pdf ch.8.jones.70s.pdf – Alternative Formats (2.327 MB) ch.9.jones.80s.pdf ch.9.jones.80s.pdf – Alternative Formats (1.87 MB) The Fragmented 70s and the Nostalgic 80s & Sweeney ToddWatch the Lecture Videos (“The 1970s” and “The 1980s”) on the links below.Read Jones, Ch. 8: Fragmented Society, Fragmented Musicals, p. 269-304; Read Jones, Ch. 9: ‘A Recycled Culture’ p. 305-330;Take Quiz #4 based on Outline items 31 to 43. Use the link at the bottom.Sweeney Todd (Watch DVD on Blackboard)Post a Reflection (based only on your readings from Bush Jones, Ch. 8 or 9) onto Discussion Board #3. By midnight on Friday, post a Response by clicking on “Reply” to another student’s Reflection

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