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At some point, case management services for many clients will come to an end for a variety of reasons. In this concluding discussion forum for the course, you will demonstrate your understanding of what this situation might entail using a fictional case scenario.
Prior to completing this discussion, read Chapters 25 and 26, in addition to this week’s Instructor Guidance. Next, review the brief case scenario below:
John is a 42-year-old widower who has been receiving case management services from you for the last two months. His wife, Angela, was murdered by a neighborhood street gang, forcing John and his young daughter, Kim, to move out of their home. While planning services for John, you both agreed that one of his goals would be to effectively cope with his loss. The agency providing group therapy services worked with him to develop objectives for how he would achieve this, one of which included consistent participation in the sessions. John, however, has missed several sessions as a result of needing to tend to Kim’s increasing agitation and fear. Ultimately, John tells you that a “fresh start” is needed and decides to move with his daughter out of the state.
Prepare an initial reply in which you
· Summarize the critical aspects associated with terminating John’s services, which include
· Factors contributing to the discontinuation of services.
· Factors that will make termination successful.
· The significance of the discharge summary.
· Determine two or three recommendations you may have for John.