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No matter what their level of responsibly or role in the organization, organizational members have a sense of pride in their work and contributions. This is particularly true if they have been working in an organization for quite some time. Even if they are not at a senior level, many tenured employees see themselves as an extension of the organization and are highly loyal to the organization and its goals.
The discussion below replicates an HR situation in which an element of Relationship Management is tested.
HR Application
Mrs. Cho had been a member of the corporation’s senior executive HR organization for over 15 years. Mr. James, her new supervisor and a senior manager with long-term service to the organization, did not like the manner in which Mrs. Cho conducted a business situation recently. Over a long weekend, Mr. James moved Mrs. Cho’s desk to another section of the organization and, since the work was similar to the work she was already doing, Mrs. Cho was moved without a discussion or orientation. When Mrs. Cho came to work on Monday, she was surprised to find she would be working for Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Cho became despondent and began to seek assistance from several levels in the organization. She also spoke to in-house counsel and other HR staff, as well as Mrs. McGonagall, who was an executive and an old friend of hers in the organization. Mrs. Cho then went on paid leave, which was more extensive than expected, because she had more unused vacation that anyone else in HR.
As the senior HR vice president for this organization in this HR application, draw on your knowledge and experience to respond to the following:

What do you consider to be the most important issue in this application?
Who is at fault and why?
What would you do in this situation to resolve the relationship-management issues?
How might any actions taken affect other HR employees and organizational members?

Your initial post should be succinct, have at least 150 words, and demonstrate clarity of thought and precision in writing.