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As we recall from the text, once a plan has been finalized for providing services to a client, the next phase in the case management process, linking, takes place. As part of this, referrals are made to internal or external entities that will provide the services that were identified during the planning phase. In this first discussion, you will assess the main functions associated with linking and discuss specific outside resources to which you would consider making referrals.
Prior to completing this discussion, read Chapter 22, this week’s Instructor Guidance, and review both last week’s selected case scenario and the intervention that you identified in your initial response. For your reference, below are the case scenarios from Week Three:
Case Scenario 1: Molly, a 39-year-old survivor of intimate partner violence, has come to your agency after ending her relationship with John, her partner of 7 years. During her relationship, she was physically and psychologically abused, and she was kept from seeing her family for the last few years of their relationship. Since leaving John, Molly has reconnected with her family but is experiencing feelings of depression and low self-worth.
Case Scenario 2: Mike, a 28-year-old divorced father of two, has come to your agency after struggling with years of substance abuse. Mike’s repeated drug use and previous run-ins with the law resulted in his wife leaving him, which has since made his substance abuse a daily occurrence. After experiencing a near-fatal car crash while under the influence of drugs and alcohol just a few weeks ago, he decided to reach out for help to get his life back on track, but he admits to having difficulty staying sober. His biggest motivation for wanting to stay clean is his children, and he wishes to reunite with them after having been distant since his divorce.
Case Scenario 3: Trudy, a 77-year-old widow who lives alone in a one bedroom apartment, has come to your agency after her daughter, Jan, has been noticing her increased isolation. Apart from her husband’s passing several years ago, Trudy has also experienced the death of several close friends within the last few months. Trudy has mentioned to you that she is often lonely and would like to socialize with others, but is no longer able to drive and cannot walk to the closest bus stop, which is a mile from where she lives.
Continuing with the same client and the selected intervention from Week Three, imagine that you are now tasked with linking your client to an agency or organization within your community that will provide services needed to carry out this particular intervention. In this initial post, you are to
· Summarize how you will make the referral and put together the client’s record.
· Select one outside agency or organization from within your community to which you will refer your client (this will require doing research of local resources in your area).
· Justify your selected referral in terms of why it is the most appropriate for this client.
Provide an initial post of at least 300 words that sufficiently addresses all aspects of the prompt, making sure to properly 
cite (Links to an external site.)
reference (Links to an external site.)
 the textbook in addition to any outside sources used.

Please use Case scenario 3 – Trudy