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You need to first read the reading materials, then you use the sample as an example to do your own report.



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Assignment: Think of a small business that you are familiar with, and that could benefit
perhaps from a search advertising campaign. Write up a proposed Ads strategy. To give you
some structure, I’ve included a sample
in the module. You will quickly notice that the
sample was written in English, but for a French audience. No worries, it conveys what I
would like you to write up.
Imagine this is a year-long campaign that you are proposing. All of the content and resources
covered in this module should help you in your development of the report.
To complete this assignment, you need data on what kinds of keywords and phrases might be
important to consider bidding on. Ads provides access to some awesome tools to help you
make these decisions. Unfortunately, Ads has made it more and more difficult to access these
tools easily without creating an account, which requires sharing credit card information.
However, I can access the tools for you. You will need to e-mail me the URL of the site for
the small business you are using for this assignment. I will then send you a spreadsheet of
keyword/phrase data.
Search Advertising
Overview: Google Ads, formerly AdWords, is the dominant player in search advertising so
we will focus on that service in this module. While not as arcane as search engine
optimization, search advertising is as complex anything we’ve discussed in this class. Thus,
there is a great deal of information available. Making our discussion even more tricky is the
fact that Google Ads is constantly changing as Google continues to enhance search
advertising opportunities for all types of advertisers.
There are four main activities for this module.
1. Let’s start with a good hard look at how and whether search and social advertising work.
Read A Dangerous Question: Does Internet Advertising Work at All? (Links to an external
site.) I particularly like the thesis at the end: we (consumers) have so many excellent online
sources for fairly unbiased product and service information today that advertising has lost a
lot of its relevance.
Then read Search vs. Display Advertising: Which Promises More Bang for the Buck? (Links
to an external site.) The article discusses which of these two forms of online advertising are
most likely to affect a consumer’s decision to buy. The objectives of search and display
advertising are quite different so it’s hard to say one is better than the other.
Both of these articles provide a good introduction for our study of search advertising in this
module and display advertising, which we will tackle next.
2. If your brand uses search advertising, be sure to check them out on SpyFu (Links to an
external site.), a search marketing competitive research tool.
3. Google provides certification (Links to an external site.) on its Ads platform. To earn this,
you must pass their Ads Fundamentals exam and one of the following: search advertising,
display advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, noor advertising shopping.
For this module, work through the Ads Fundamentals Exam Study Guide . I will not
require you to take the exam, but I do encourage you to try. If you pass, you will be halfway
to becoming certified. Do let me know if you try.
Our AdWords account needs to reflect our goals and product. Our campaign is grouped
according to two themes: product sales and activity promotion related to conferences,
seminars and coaching.
Ad groups and keyword match types
Our account will contain 2 campaigns and 4 Ad groups. Our Ad groups are organized by
theme and some keyword match types used are specified after each Ad group.

First campaign: “Sell Book” with a goal to sell “Saint Pierre m’a dit” book
Ad Group: SPMD
Keyword match types : Nathalie Rodary, “dédicace auteur”, “Livre Saint-Pierre”, “livre
spirituel”, “livre spiritualité “, “ouvrage spiritualité” ,”roman initiatique”, “romans
initiatiques”, “livre de la vie”, “nouvelle humanité “, “Se réaliser “, “Se connaître”, “prise de
conscience”, [romans dédicacés], [dédicace de romans], [achat roman dedicace], [achat livre
dedicace], [livre dédicacé], [achat livre dédicacé], [livre spirituelle],[ le livre de la vie]…
Negative keywords : -ésotérisme,- religion, -religions, -religieux

2nd campaign : “Leads” with a goal to get more leads
Ad Group 1: Conference
Keyword match types : “vocation humaniste”, “changer soi-même”, “développer son
potentiel”, “conferences Paris”, “conférences Lyon”, “conférences interactives”, “conférence
connaissance de soi”, “sens de sa vie”, [conférence spirituelle], [conference spirituel]…
Negative keywords: -vidéo, -télé, -call
Ad Group 2: Coaching
Keyword match types: “coaching entrepreneur”, “coaching dirigeants”, “coaching
individuel”, “formation dirigeant”, “coaching entrepreneur”, “coaching leadership”,
“accompagnement dirigeant”, “guide entrepreneur”, “conseil accompagnement”…
Negative keywords: – sportif, -formation coaching, -relooking
Ad Group 3: Seminar
Keyword match types: “séminaire de direction”, “séminaire leadership”, “seminaire comment
diriger”, “séminaire management”, “séminaire stratégie management”, “séminaire manager
entreprise”, “séminaire entreprise et management”…
Negative keywords: -organisation, – salle
Daily and weekly plans of spending our campaign budget
Our daily budget for 21 days will be equal to 9.52 USD divided to 4.76USD per campaign.
Networks for our Adwords ads
Assary will use both Search and Content Networks of Google in automatic mode to increase
Sample text advertisements for each AdWord campaign
Votre livre dédicacé
Conférence connaissance de soi
Rapidement chez vous
“Se Connaître, Se Reconnaître”
Commandez-le vite !
Découvrez-vous avec Assary !
Roman Spirituel
Coaching dirigeant
Une nouvelle vision du monde
Mieux diriger votre entreprise
A découvrir maintenant !
Pour en savoir plus
Target audience settings
We will direct our campaign to French speaking people in Europe, who carry out Google
searches in French. Our “Sell Book” campaign will be directed to people located in France,
Monaco, Belgium and Switzerland. Our “Leads” campaign will be targeted to people located
in France since our conferences and seminars are taking place in Paris and Lyon.
Ad serving options
We will allot a maximum amount of 0.10USD or more if necessary to the most performing ad
text in our ad groups.
Goals for impressions, clicks, CPC and CTR
To get a better quality score, our goal for impression is to focus on the relevance of our text
ad to search match. We will be refining our ads and keywords by choosing to discontinue the
ones that are performing badly. Thus, we will be privileging keywords and text ads with high
CTR to increase visibility and to increase conversion rate.
Success metrics

Increase rate of sales conversion

Increase rate of leads conversion

Increase of visibility measured by the rate of new visitors of the website

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