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For this assignment, you will assume the role of the HIM director who is serving on the facility’s committee to choose our next EHR which will be used across the health system – including hospital, physician offices, ER and outpatient services. The EHR Selection Committee is composed of the following members:(You, the student) –Director of HIMTeresa – Manager of Systems IntegrationDave – Director of Information SystemsTim- Information systems analystRogene – Manager of data securityElaine – HIPAA privacy officerLinda- VP nursingMaria – Director of nursing operationsSharik – Director of medical imagingSteve – Director of laboratory servicesRhonda – VP of Information Systems FacilitationLaQuana – VP of Financial SystemsHiba – Director of Patient AccountsTrinette – Director of Patient AccessTaylor – Director of PharmacyCharmaine – Manager of Emergency DepartmentFour vendors have provided written material on their products and are offering to provide live EHR demonstrations to the committee and our staff. They all have good reputations with other providers. We know that the vendors will focus on the “strengths” of their particular system, so to ensure our staff is prepared to obtain the most information at the upcoming vendor demonstrations, the committee is preparing the EHR Inquiry Tool which is being stored in the table below for convenience.To guide completion of the EHR Inquiry Tool, the committee reviews the ONC standards for EHR Products first. Review the ONC (U. S. Office of the National Coordinator) standards for inpatient EHR products. [Please refer specifically to the 2011 General Criteria (170.302) for analysis of the ONC standards.]Your assignment is to 1) choose six different committee members for the first column and then 2) identify and record a relevant standard(s) from the ONC Standards for EHR Products resource (above) for that committee member in column two and finally, 3) for each committee member record three specific questions or inquiries that could be asked at the Vendor Demonstrations to facilitate the selection of an EHR that will meet the facility needs. Use the template below and save it as a Word document to submit to the dropbox. Please be sure to use a citation for the ONC Standards for EHR Products resource.EHR Inquiry Tool