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DISCUSSION 1 Ethical Dilemmas Your responses should be a minimum of 100 words each and should either elaborate on a key point a peer has made or seek to gain additional information.DISCUSSION 2 PortfoliumRespond to at least two of your classmates’ postings offering constructive feedback that could be useful to enhance the overall effect of their ePortfolio at this early juncture.

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Respond to both Discussion 1 and 2. There should be 4 responses total
DISCUSSION 1 Ethical Dilemmas
Your responses should be a minimum of 100 words each and should either elaborate on a key point a
peer has made or seek to gain additional information.
Respond to Celeste and Ruth
Discussion 1 Week 2
Identify a minimum of one ethical dilemma that you have identified in the MHHS case
The MHHS case study has many ethical dilemmas that need to be addressed before the
organization fails to good quality of care to those individuals in need of services. One
ethical issue that I want to talk about and consider very important is the records keeping
being inconsistent and not having any policies and procedures on how the records of the
patients should be kept. Not having any forms that staff can utilize to fill in with
information on the care that is given to the patients is an issue that can affect the
coordination of care for the patients. Regardless of the form of the records with it being by
paper or electronically, good clinical record keeping should enable continuity of care and
should enhance communication between different health cares.
Discuss the challenges you would face as a human services provider when dealing
with this issue.
The challenges I will face when dealing with this issue will be not having the right
information for the patient, not protecting the patient’s health information. The lost of
records and improper documentation can range from minor to an inconvenience hassle
that takes months, or even years to resolve. For example, when a client is requesting their
records or another healthcare facility will request the records to properly coordinate
clients care, and this is unable to be provided in a timely manner, the organization is at risk
the loss of business in the future. Not providing proper record documentation to the
patient can cost huge sums of money or even mean the dissolution of the business entirely.
How would you overcome these challenges? Working as a human services professional
medical records form an important part of the management of a patient. Proper file
organization i one of the cornerstones of good record management. Organizing files by year
and alphabetically name of the client will be a very important factor for the organization.
For example, my role currently is an Adult Care Coordinator and I deal on a daily basis with
clients who are inpatient, going into rehabilitation treatment, out of home placement and
those who are discharging from acute care. I communicate with different people from other
healthcare organizations in relation to the client’s care and well-being. Not having the
proper documentation will cause improper care, medical decisions, and low quality of care
for the client. The whole coordination of care for the client that is discharging from
rehabilitation treatment can go wrong when not having good records for the client on your
side. The discharge summary should mirror the case notes of the patient records with a
brief summary, relevant investigations, and and operative procedures. It is very important
to know the dates of admission in acute care and the dates of discharge and the important
instructions to follow for the patient. Good documentation, making sure the clinical notes
are up to date and completed accurately with sufficient information will ensure that proper
documentation is provided to all relevant healthcare workers working with the same client.
Having a good electronic record keeping program and finding the great team to work on
record keeping will need to be a huge consideration when an organization begins working
in helping vulnerable populations in the community.
Of the many ethical dilemmas that presented itself within the MHHS case study, my focus
for the purposes of this discussion will be on the record-keeping system or lack
thereof. My current job relies heavily on accurate note &record-keeping so this instantly
stuck out to me. Not only does this issue a massive problem overall, but it can also affect
many other things in the agency. Faulty record-keeping can cause clients to be services
incorrectly, charged for services that may not be needed, effect the coordination of care
amongst the providers and create funding issues for the agency.
With the agency not having a system in place or requirements for record-keeping
completely leave providers and staff at a disadvantage when providing care. Needed
information may not be available when needed and there is no one to hold accountable.
Lastly, faulty record-keeping could ultimately violate clients’ HIIPA rights. If records are
not being retained properly, I would think the staff would be rather relaxed with the way
information is handled. Since there are no forms available for staff to use on the clients, it
becomes difficult to even get consistent baseline information from every client.
As MHHS may not have policies and procedures within their programs, others do. This
makes it hard for MHHS to be consistent when working with anyone outside of their
program. Leading to fewer referrals to their programs, a lack of people willing to invest in
their programs and difficulty in getting providers and staff to work in their facilities. All
these issues are problems that MHHS currently experience.
To deal with these issues, I would implement some rules, regulations, and protocols
immediately. First would be ending the silos mentality in the agency. Currently, different
programs have little interaction with one another. Our programs should be recommending
our programs. This keeps funding in house and our agency thriving. Getting programs on
one accord will ultimately boost morale, impact how the organization operates and
contribute to the success of the individual programs. Currently, each department has its
own way of doing things. I would also introduce an EMR system. Although it may be an
expense to the agency, it would set forth a routine amongst the agency. Getting all divisions
of the agency on the same system helps to hold one another accountable in clients care,
protect the client’s rights and allow a smoother transition when providers began to work
with one another.
DISCUSSION 2 Portfolium
Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings offering constructive feedback
that could be useful to enhance the overall effect of their ePortfolio at this early
Respond to Carletha and Ruth
Carletha (Links to an external site.)
I would use Portfolium to the best of my ability by using it amazing software for unlimited
storing and editing, during school and after. Portfolium would allow me to keep my best
work through their universal storage system. As an individual, it would help me to
showcase my documents or achievements to future employers or connect with my peers
through school by having the ability to do so by helping me to continue to grow as an
individual throughout school and work. For leadership, I would list all of the honor and
accolades I have worked for and post my achievements and photos of those experiences.
Discussion 2 Week 2: (Links to an external site.)
Discuss how you might use Portfolium to showcase your best work, help you obtain a
job, and /or to highlight career achievements.
While getting familiar with the Portfolium, my understanding of it is a lot like building a
LinkedIn. As a Human Service worker, my professional experience and focus of practice
will have to be showcase in Portfolium. My interest is working with behavioral and mental
health population. At this moment I am currently working with High Risk SMI (Severely
Mentally Ill) and COT (Court Order Treatment) as well as VA Court Order treatment
individuals, probation and those individuals going through drug court. I will make sure that
my care coordination for this populations will show. Highlighting your work ethics and
experience will help in getting your Portfolium being view by recruiters. The most
experience, skills, interest, knowledge should be introduce into your Portfolium.
Discuss how your Portfolium can demonstrate your ability to deliver social and
community services in health and human services or human services leadership.
How could you demonstrate your ability to ensure ethical practices?
The Portfolium has to show all the experience you have as a Human Service Professional,
and provide the areas of study you have completed for this profession. For Example; I
added where I am currently working and my job description. What I do on daily basis and
who is the population I work with. By providing what experience you have and where you
have worked at and what populations have been your focus in my opinion will be an eye
opener for any recruiter. Showing the degree of Health and Human Services should be able
to open a lot of doors as it can take you to many career choices. As I currently am working
with behavioral and mental health services as an Adult Care Coordinator, my goal is to
become a Probation Officer.
The Portfolium can be something I will be interested in after finishing with Ashford. It will
help me build a Network and find other areas I may consider to work with.

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