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400 words and 2 or more references per question

Question 1 Judicial System in Healthcare (400 words)

As a policy analyst for your organization, you are responsible for monitoring the actions of your legislature and state agencies and providing notification when a new law affecting your organization has been proposed and finalized. Find a law that has been recently established in your state. Describe the background of the law. Was it created by legislative action, administrative agency, or through a constituency vote?
Describe how this law will affect a health care organization.

Question 2 Laws in Healthcare 400 words)

Federal agencies are increasingly becoming active in investigating violations of health care laws. In addition, private lawsuits are surfacing on violations of health care laws. Find a recent case where there has been a violation of a health care law, such as a case involving fraud, privacy, or security. Discuss the following:
· What tort or criminal law was violated? 
· Who was the investigating agency? 
· Were there civil or criminal penalties and what were the penalties? 
· In your opinion, was this a fair penalty for the violation that occurred?

Question 3 – Fiduciary Duties in Health Care 400 words)

With the HIPAA laws, much emphasis has been placed on the patient’s privacy rights and the requirements of the health care organization (a covered entity) to ensure privacy of protected health information. Discuss the following:
· When there is a breach of privacy, has a breach of fiduciary duty occurred?

Question 4 – Ethics of Heath Care Professionals (400 words)

Locate a case where a health care professional has been disciplined by the licensure board. Examine the issues, compare those issues with the professional ethics of that profession, and discuss the ethical violations that may have occurred in the conduct leading to disciplinary action.