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Consider how you encounter the fallacies  from Chapter 3 (pp. 56-60) on a regular basis. As you are listening to  others speak, for instance, pay attention to see if any of the fallacies  are being employed.
For this assignment, find and explain  the use of one of the fallacies discussed in Chapter 3. You should find  the fallacy in your daily life. Do not take an example from the textbook  or internet. In at least a paragraph, name and describe the fallacy you  found. Where did you see or hear it? How did it occur? In what context?  What do you believe was the purpose behind its use? Did you recognize  that it was bad reasoning at the time?
You may find fallacies in your own  thinking, in conversations with family and friends, in television and  radio advertisements, political ads, political debates, and interviews  with or announcements from politicians. Be sure to choose an example for  this exercise that allows you to answer the questions above in order to  write a complete paragraph.