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For this assignment, you will be writing a narrative essay on a personal epiphany. You will need to provide a personal story that illustrates this. Please refer to the essay we discussed in class: Salvation. It is a good model of a narrative essay where the author experiences an Ephiphany. You may also want to read: What I’ve Learned from Men, Boxers Briefs & Books, and I Want A Wife in Chapter 9 as all of these authors experienced epiphanies and write about them eloquently. They serve as good models of writing for this assignment.To get started, you may want to brainstorm events in your life. Think about major life changes. Think about what has made you who you are today. Consider what has shaped your personality and identity and the moments or events that brought about an epiphany. You will not be able to write about everything – so, after brainstorming, choose one that allows you to tell a narrative tale like the essays above. Be sure to include your three required vocabulary terms and italicize them in your essay or you will lose 10 points.Formal requirements:*Length: 3 pages *Organization must be clear, focused, and logical*Paper needs a beginning, middle, and end*Like the example essays, your essay must give a personal account that is easy to follow