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Use 50-words per topic to discuss and present your answer.
The discussion questions this week are from Chapter’s 16-18 (Jamsa, 2013).
Chapter 16 topics:
· Define and describe total cost of ownership. List at least 10 items to consider when determining a data center’s total cost of ownership.
· Define and describe a capital expense. How are capital expenses different from operational expenses?
· Define and describe economies of scale and provide a cloud-based example.
· Define and describe “right sizing” as it pertains to cloud computing.
· Define Moore’s law and discus how it might influence cloud migration.
· Given company revenues of $2.5 million and expenses of $2.1 million, calculate the company’s profit and profit margin.
Chapter 17 topics:
· Compare and contrast functional and nonfunctional requirements and provide an example of each.
· Discuss why a designer should avoid selecting an implementation platform for as long as possible during the design process.
· Discuss various trade-offs a designer may need to make with respect to nonfunctional requirements.
· Discuss why the system maintenance phase is often the most expensive phase of the software development life cycle.

Note: You are required to use at least two-peer reviewed sources (besides your textbook) to answer the above questions.