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DISCUSSION 1:Option One: There are seven major methods to overcoming resistance to change: (1) develop a positive trust climate for change, (2) plan the change, (3) clearly state why the change is needed and how it will affect employees, (4) create a win-win situation, (5) involve employees, (6) provide support and evaluation, (7) and create urgency. Think of a situation where you would like to implement a major change with a group of individuals you work with. How would you utilize one or more of these methods to overcome resistance to your change?OPTION TWO: What are your thoughts on resumes and job applications regarding telling “little white lies”? Is it OK to do so when applying for a job? Why or why not? Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”DISCUSSION 2:On page 249 a story of a flood is given. What is the moral of the story? Imagine you were raised with this story, how would if it affect your behavior? Try to give an example.I DONT HAVE THE BOOK BUT I WILL SEND AN EXAMPLE OF MY CLASSMATES POST FOR THIS POSTDISCUSSION 3:Explain how the hypothalamus of the brain and the autonomic nervous system allow us to fight or flee in a stressful situation. Discuss a situation in which you may have had a fight or flight experience.