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check attached worksheet.
Worksheet questions:
1. Supply a url/link to a news article (within the last year or so… 2019-2020) that discusses a global change issue that is important to you. In the prompt explain why this issue is important to you (provide a few sentences). 
2. Think about a particular application of remote sensing that you think is important. Do an internet search to find an example image being used to address this application. Upload a copy of that image and discuss briefly the application, why it is important, and what limitations you see in how remote sensing can address this application.
3. Professor Meerow discussed differences between Sustainability and Resilience. Two such differences were the concepts of “fail-safe” vs. “safe-to-fail” and “maximizing efficiency” vs. “maximizing adaptive capacity”. Can you think of one specific example from your everyday experiences with the design/operation of your city that illustrates these differences? Provide either documentation of a catastrophic failure or a well-designed adoption which established Sustainability and Resilience.  Provide links if necessary. 
4. Different cities and countries are vulnerable to climate change for one reason or another. Find an example, other than those used in the learning materials within this module, and comment on the vulnerability of that location to climate change using the vulnerability framework we’ve introduced. Give us your thoughts on WHY they are vulnerable and also on any solutions (mitigation/adaptation) that might be appropriate for that particular community.  Respond with a short paragraph and links if necessary.  
5. Geoengineering: find a fictional movie/television series which uses a form of geoengineering (for better or worse) as a primary plot component.  Provide the name of the media and briefly discuss what geoengineering methods are used and how effective they were. 
6. You’ve learned about a lot of potential approaches to address climate change–diet, population control, geoengineering, renewable energy, nuclear energy, etc. Flex your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking… what is one potential technology (rarely mentioned) that you think could be developed/deployed to address global change issues?  Provide a short paragraph and links to support your argument!