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Class Presentation Project #1Class Presentation Project #1Class Presentation Project #1

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NewSchool of Architecture + Design
CM222-Temporary Building Structures
Class Presentation Project #1
Each student will research one of the items listed below and present their findings to the
class. Students are free to use computer assisted presentations, handouts, material
samples, or other visual aides as a part of their presentation; for independent study,
original audio-visual material (videos or narrated slide shows), prepared by the student
may be used. Videos or side shows by created others may not be used. Each student must
prepare a written report of their presentation to include an outline and narrative summary,
which is to be submitted at the time of your presentation. Your presentation must
include, but is not limited to, the information listed below.

Name of Item / System

Master Format Division

Brief History of item or system

Codes and/or Industry Standards (structural, civil, fire, environmental, aesthetic,
planning, safety, military, etc.)

Regulatory Agencies having Jurisdiction (Inspections, Tests, Compliance)

Varieties of Material and equipment used

Cost of Material and Units of Measure used in estimating and ordering for major
components (cubic yard, square foot, ton, piece, etc.)

Lead Time Requirements, including typically required submittals

Submittal Approval Process (shop drawings, cut sheets, engineering, etc.)

Installation (Special Processes, Subcontractors)

Special Permits, Bonds, Insurance Requirements

Manufactures and Vendors (Where and how can I obtain it?)
NewSchool of Architecture + Design
CM222-Temporary Building Structures
Class Presentation Project #1
List of Systems to Research:
1. Temporary Trench Shoring
2. Soil Stabilization
3. Water run-off capture, storage, cleaning and discharge
4. Permanent/Semi-permanent Excavation Shoring (Earth Retention)
5. Slurry Walls
6. Cofferdams
7. Dewatering and ground water control and discharge
8. Site Protection and Security
9. Protection of Site Adjacent Areas (Roadways, Sidewalks, Adjacent Structures)
10. Scaffolding
11. CIP Concrete Falsework and Decking (Horizontal)
12. CIP Concrete Formwork (vertical – walls & columns)
13. Masonry shoring (bucking and wall support)
14. Stability Bracing and Guying
15. Temporary Roof/Deck Support for Reconstruction
16. Tower Cranes (Including Top and Bottom Climbing Cranes)
17. Mobile Cranes (Derricks, Crawlers, Spider/Truck)
18. Man Lifts
19. Temporary Stairs and Ladders
20. Temporary Openings (Walls and Floors)

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