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Challenges Developing an OutlineIn this week’s Assignment, you will be developing the outline of your literature review based on the themes you have determined. This Discussion will serve as a sounding board to share challenges you may be facing as you create your outline. Take this opportunity to get feedback from your peers and to “test” your outline.To prepare for this Discussion:Review Chapter 8, “Synthesizing Literature Prior to Writing a Review” (pp. 73–80), in the Galvan text.Review Chapter 5, “Prospectus” (pp. 40–41), in the Stadtlander text.Review the following web resources:“Writing a Paper: Outlining”“Making an Outline”“How to Make an Outline”Reflect on some of the challenges you face developing an outline and possible ways to overcome these.Post by Day 3 a response to the following:What challenges are you experiencing as you work on your outline?What strategies have you used to address these challenges?References/APA