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Task 3
3. Core values and SWOT analysis (18 Marks)
3.1 Core values (6 Marks) – 250 words
3.1.1 Identify the core values of your selected business entity. (LO1b) (2 marks)
3.1.2 Analyse how the core values of this business inform the decision making
process. (LO1b) (2 marks)
3.1.3 Evaluate if the core values of this business support the current vision and mission
statements. (LO1b) (2 marks)
3.2 SWOT analysis (LO1b & LO2a) (12 Marks) – 400 words
Analyse at least 2 strengths, 2 weaknesses, 2 opportunities and 2 threats.
– You are required to link your analysis to the facts and information about the
organisation as well as external factors such as competitors, customers, suppliers,
laws and regulations, technology.
– You must engage in research to answer the questions. Your discussion must
be embedded in theory learnt in class.
– Your SWOT analysis must consider all aspect of the selected business
including operations, accounting, sales and marketing, human resources, risk
management (LO2a)
Task 4
4. Action Plan and Implementation Strategy (28 Marks) – Min 1500 words
4.1 Develop at least one more objective for your selected organisation based on the
SWOT analysis. Justify how this objective is aligned with the vision and mission of
the company. Please ensure your strategy positions the firm most favourably in
relation to its competitors. (LO1b) (6 marks)
4.2 Based on the objective, develop an action plan,
4.2.1 The action plan must outline the steps, timeline, resources, responsibilities and
KPIs. (LO1b) (8 marks)
4.2.2 The action plan must focus on different aspects of the business such as
operations, accounting, sales and marketing, human resources, risk management. At
least one strategy to manage the relevant external factors is required. (LO2a &
LO4a) (7 marks)
4.3 Suggest and justify the implementation strategy for the proposed action
plan. (LO1b) (4 marks)
4.4 Analyse the bicultural partnership and assess its impact on the proposed action
plan. Consider the implications of biculturalism for your selected company in terms of
work force development, service delivery or any other aspects of the
business. (LO4b) (3 marks)
5.3 Executive Summary (LO1b) (5 marks)
A brief summary of your Strategic plan which provides a clear indication of what is
included in the plan

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