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You need to first read the reading materials, and then finish the report and you need to exactly follow the instruction.


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1. You need to first find the book called: The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the
Customer Conversation; Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson, 2011.This book is red cover
2. Then you need to read Chapter1——Chapter9 to finish the book report.
3. If you cannot find the book, I can take pictures for you.
During the course of the term you will be expected to independently read the assigned book, The
Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation1, and complete a report (40
points). The following elements should be included in the book report:
1. Write a one-page executive summary as though you were describing what the book is
about to your sales manager. (EXECUTIVE SUMMARY)
2. Integrating information presented in class, describe the nature of selling (and buying) as
the authors portray it. Describe the model(s) for selling used in the book. Discuss how the
model(s) provided by the authors help accomplish the goals of the salesperson, the sales
organization, and the customers. (SELLING PROCESSES)
3. Describe in depth some of the key challenges salespeople face. Also describe in depth
some of the keys to success for salespeople. What are some potential indicators of
performance and how should the salesperson be evaluated? (EVALUATING
4. Identify what you believe to be the three to five most important messages that the author
would like to convey to the readers. What were the top things that you believe you
learned from this book? What were the weakest points about this book? (WHAT I
5. Make a clear-cut recommendation about the book. If a salesperson asked you if s/he
should read it, what exactly would you want to say to them? Why?
This paper should address each of the above points. Outline the paper by the titles in parentheses
for each point above (i.e., the major headings of the various sections of your paper would be
“Executive Summary,” “Selling Process,” etc.). The paper should be single-spaced and formatted
like a business report (e.g., use sub-headings). The final report should include the executive
summary plus a maximum of four additional pages addressing the rest of the questions.
Reports will be graded on accuracy of the information presented, ability of the report to convey
essential information to a professional salesperson or sales manager, thoroughness of providing
answers to each question, insight on what can be learned, clarity of the strengths, weaknesses and
recommendations, organization and clarity of writing, and spelling and grammar.

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