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Nutrition for Sports PerformanceAPA FormattingGraduate level writing400 words or more3 or more referenceBody Fat or Fat as a Fuel and Athletic PerformanceThis week we are discussing body composition, notably losing, maintaining, or gaining. Many athletes will do all of these during the course of their athletic career. What effect does this have on their athletic performance? Let’s explore the scientific literature to find out.Go to PubMed ( and enter “fat fuel athletic performance” or “body fat athletic performance” either is fine. Pick one article from either of these topics and present it in your initial forum post. Do NOT pick the same article someone else picked. There are many articles available so you will not have a difficult time finding a unique article. For your initial post, be sure to:list your selected articleprovide the reference for your chosen articledescribe the study and the resultsstate what the study concludedevaluate the article. Do you think the study made appropriate conclusions from its data? Was the study designed correctly to address the hypothesis?