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Assignment 3: Pitch Email
Sammie MC Christian
ENG 116
Instructor: Ron Davis
May 21, 2021

TO: [email protected]

FROM: Sammie. Mc [email protected]

DATE: May 21, 2021

SUBJECT: Harassment in the workplace

Greeting Ms. Lauren

Sunny after noon Lauren, I’m fully aware of the under-speakable situation going on within the company, and with assurance I will handle profitably. To maintain a more savor environment, it’s profitable to mandate an upcoming policy change. After reviewing the research, I think this organization should adopt the new policy, because the benefit outweighs the risk.

Doing an overview of the company policy, it’s clearly stated harassment in the workplace should be zero tolerant periods.”Your Company is considering whether to add mandatory training on harassment for new employees to the company’s current anti-harassment policy.” (Bille, 1) Since the company had decided not to trust harassment in the workplace, some employees can feel safe and return to work.

When it comes down to the job, there are some factors to consider the boss’ opposition. He has judged your work, making it composing stressful. Consider the risk of the company, how are the performances of the staff? We must consider the increase of both women and men in all cases.

In the upcoming policy chance, we are mandating anti-harassment training in the future days coming. I have spoken with your colleague, and with assurance we will address this matter under section of the law and prosecute thereof. In recap, please take the time to follow up with myself or Sam, in one two-day if no result.

Respectfully, Your

Sammie Mc Christian


1. Elizabeth Bille. January 9, 2019. Viewpoint: Workplace Harassment Is an Epidemic, and It’s Time to Treat It That Way.