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Interpersonal Communication Name: Asia Elmi
Exam I

Please select the best answer for each question. Please mark the answer on the exam answer sheet. Each question is worth 4 points.

1. If Jane is a cultural scholar and develops a model for understanding all cultures, but is biased as to what the best and worst characteristics of each culture, She is demonstrating what important point made by Bond in the notes?
a. Interactional
b. Interdependent
c. Self-fulfilling Prophecy
d. Ethnocentrism
2. In the past, a kingdom with a king and peasants would be considered to have?
a. Low-power Distance
b. High-power Distance
c. Individual Characteristics
d. Semantic Differences
3. If Sally lives in a country that values her individual rights and provides the freedom to pursue her dreams, this country is more than likely?
a. Not real
b. Collectivist
c. Ethnocentric
d. Individualist
4. John’s grandpa tells a story to pass on information about the world and his past this is an example of?
a. Good Listeners
b. How Communication is Ambiguous
c. Symmetry
d. Narrative Approach
5. If Marcos is at work and says something he regrets and wishes he could take it back which results in negative consequences, this is an example of how communication is?
a. Irreversible
b. Unrepeatable
c. Frivolous
d. Unavoidable
6. If Tamara holds that there is a Santa Claus, this is an example of?
a. Values
b. Norms
c. Beliefs
d. Much Silliness

7. If two people are in a relationship and they shore up each other’s weaknesses by having different strengths, this is an example of which communication style?
a. Symmetrical
b. Intercultural
c. Fidelity
d. Complementary
8. If Sheena is out with her friends and describes a car with words not taken to mean their literally meaning, this is an example of how?
a. Communication is Irreversible
b. Communication is Ambiguous
c. Communication is Unrepeatable
d. Communication is Stressful
9. If Javier has a sense of what he thinks is important or worthwhile, he is demonstrating what defining attribute of culture?
a. Norms
b. Myths
c. Beliefs
d. Values
10. If Sue walks into a convenience store and has a brief conversation with the clerk while she buys milk, this is an example of?
a. Impersonal Communication
b. Interpersonal Communication
c. Bad eating habits
d. Ethics
11. If two people are in a serious conversation searching for the truth on some topic by exchanging ideas, this is an example of?
a. Interactional Communication
b. Linear Communication
c. Transactional Communication
d. Impersonal Communication
12. If a culture heavily uses context to convey the meaning of their messages, they are?
a. High Context
b. Low Context
c. Confusion
d. Geniuses
13. If Thomas has secrets about himself that only he knows, this is an example of?
a. Open Self
b. Blind Self
c. Hidden Self
d. Unknown Self
14. If Meg has characteristics that everyone knows about her, this is an example of?
a. Hidden Self
b. SpongeBob Squarepants
c. Unknown Self
d. Open Self

15. If Cindy is confident that she will pass an Exam and then earns an “A”, this is an example of
a. Schemas
b. Self-fulfilling Prophecy
c. The Force
d. Perceptual Accentuation
16. If Jonas is watching a series of training videos and only remembers the last one he saw, this is an example of?
a. Recency Effect
b. Primacy Effect
c. Schemata
d. Open Self
17. If Tom gets into a fight at work and you are trying to determine whoseis responsible for the fight, you might employ?
a. Fundamental Attribution Error
b. Primacy Effect
c. Intercultural Communication
d. Attribution of Control
18. If I employ an automatic response to managereoccurring situation that happens in everyday life, this is an example of?
a. Self-fulfilling Prophecy
b. Power Distance
c. Schemas
d. Cultural Barriers
19. If I notice that Manuel seems to be funny and outgoing so I assume that he is also friendly and trustworthy, this is an example of?
a. Fundamental Attribution Error
b. Implicit Personality Theory
c. Recency
d. Low context
20. If Sam is trying to determine the truthfulness and facts of a story, he is examining what?
a. Coherence
b. Fisher’s Paradigm
c. Fidelity
d. High context
21. If John hears an outrageous story from a friend about how a dog flew around the city and decides that his friend is making this up, John is employing what to arrive at his conclusion?
a. Norms
b. Only his dog can fly
c. Standards of Rationality
d. Values
22. If Tonya is trying to listen to a lecture but just won the lottery so she is having a hard time paying attention, this is an example of what kind of noise?
a. Physiological
b. Semantic
c. Physical
d. Psychological

23. What is the sum of all our interpersonal interactions?
a. The Force
b. Culture
c. Fidelity
d. Narrative Rationality
24. Which stage of interpersonal perception involves engaging schemas and scripts
a. Organization
b. Interpretation
c. Recall
d. Stimulation
25. If I am a big fan of Michael Jordan and I choose to notice all of his basketball talent and ignore his off court behavior that might be seen as negative, this is an example of?
a. Implicit Personality Theory
b. Interpersonal Perception
c. Perceptual Accentuation
d. Primacy and Recency

Extra credit: What is the most important component of being a good communicator? The ability to listen