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Using PowerPoint and effective slide design resources

For this Professional Experience, you will create a two-slide PowerPoint deck in which you summarize an instructional Internet resource of your choice on preparing effective PowerPoint presentations or slide designs.


· Locate an article, video, or other resource that explains how to make a PowerPoint presentation or discusses effective slide design. No other topics should be used.
· Give your presentation a title on Slide 1.
· On the body slide (slide 2), write a brief summary of your resource. Do not write fewer than 20 words or more than 50 words.

· Include a link to the resource or information on the body slide, not in the notes. Provide a working hyperlink on the slide so your professor can read the article or watch the video. The link will not count toward your word count.

· Save all changes in your presentation with your name in the file name.
· Submit the LastName_PE3_PPT.pptx file to this Professional Experience: Presentation Summary assignment by the deadline.


Please address the following:
· Consider the importance of visuals when connecting with an audience.
· Discuss a moment or experience in your life when a picture, drawing, or other visual had a significant impact.
· Discuss whether the same impact could have been achieved if the topic or idea had been presented verbally rather than visually.