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Please look at ( Youth America Grand Prix GALA ) videos in YouTube. Then look at the Instructions that are uploaded. Please follow the instructions and answer the questions that are listed. This paper should be 800 words in length.No work cited page. this is not a research paper.

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For this paper you need to attend a
live DANCE, MUSICAL or THEATRICAL performance. You will
respond to this performance by identifying and applying the creativity traits
listed below.
CREATIVITY TRAITS (excerpted from Living With Art by Mark Getlein)
Creativity is a word that comes up often when talking about art, but what is
creativity exactly? Are we born with it? Can it be learned? Can it be lost? Are
artists more creative than other people? If so, how did they get that way? Many
writers and educators have tried to analyze creativity and determine what makes
a person creative. While the exact nature of creativity remains elusive, there is
general agreement that creative people tend to possess certain traits, including:
1. Sensitivity- heightened awareness of what one sees, hears, and touches, as
well as responsiveness to other people and their feelings.
2. Flexibility – an ability to adapt to new situations and to see their possibilities;
willingness to find innovative relationships.
3. Originality – uncommon responses to situations and to solving problems.
4. Playfulness – a sense of humor and an ability to experiment freely.
5. Productivity – the ability to generate ideas easily and frequently, and to follow
through on those ideas.
6. Fluency – a readiness to allow the free flow of ideas.
7. Analytical Skill – a talent for exploring problems, taking them apart, and finding
out how things work.
8. Organizational Skill – ability to put things back together in a coherent order.
You are required to write one reflection paper, with a minimum of 800 words and a
maximum length of 1,000 words. Content of Reflective Paper: In your essay, please
address the following questions, with a strong emphasis on Question #3 (which
should constitute the main portion of your essay):
1. What was your reaction to the performance? Was this a new or familiar
experience for you? What were your expectations? Were they met? If so, how? If
not, why?
2. What most surprised you about the performance?
3. Which of the Creativity Traits (refer to the Creativity Traits definition section
listed above) applied to the presenter(s) in the performance? Which applied to
you? Choose three or four traits for each you and the presenter(s) and they don’t
have to be the same ones. Elaborate on each one with specific examples from
the performance.
4. Beyond the particular activities you saw being performed, what else did you
value as a learning experience? How can you apply what you learned to other
pursuits, including your present and/or future work and life?
Avoid critiquing the performer or performers. Stay focused on your own
engagement and experience. Do not summarize. Keep the focus on your own
reactions, observations, experiences and analysis. Do not research the topic or
write about it in general terms.
Imbed a copy of your
TICKET STUB in your paper to receive a grade for this

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