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What you are doingYour task will be to investigate a rare genetic disorder found among the Amish and to use evolutionary theory to both, help you understand why genetic disease can become common among isolated populations and to see how evolutionary theory can assist in curbing prevalence of genetic disease.Before you begin your task make sure you do the following things.Read lecture notes on evolution. Especially the ones pertaining to Genetic drift.Watch video on Amish genetic desieses.What you need to doBefore you begin this assignment, I recommend that you clearly understand what evolution is (a change in allele frequency from one generation to the next). Especially understand the founder effect. Make sure you use the information provided and give me informed ideas that are based on your understanding of the subject matter. For this assignment you will have to answer the following items:Pick and name a rare genetic disorder that is common among the Amish.Tell me how common the disease is around the world vs among the Amish? Give me numbers!Explain in evolutionary terms why the genetic disorder is found in unusually high frequencies among the Amish in the first place. In other words, why did some genetic variants that cause disease become unusually common over time among the Amish? Use the founder effect. Explain how the Amish might be able to curtail the incidence of your chosen genetic diseases using evolutionary knowledge. Use must explain this